North of England Regatta

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5th August - The Sporting Gazette reported: This Regatta took place on Monday and Tuesday last, under distinguished patronage. On the flood of the tide the long course, a mile and a quarter in length, was from the head of the Meadows to Scotswood Suspension Bridge, and with the ebb from Scotswood Railway Bridge to Paradise Quay; the short course, a distance of three quarters of a mile, being from the last named point upwards to the Suspension Bridge and vice versa with the fall of the tide. On the first day, the chief feature of interest was young Boyd, teh son of the celebrated old sculler of that name, winning his heat for the Junior Professional Sculls very cleverly, and though he was beaten in the final, there can be no doubt that there is the making of a most professional sculler in him. Winship's opposition Canadian crew, with Joe Sadler rowing No. 2 won both heats of the open fours easily, and though their form was excepted to, there is no doubt that they had plenty in hand, and moreover, in the presence of so many backers of the champion four, they were not likely to do their very best when there was no occasion to do so. Our space will admit of giving the more important events.

The Tyne Stakes, value £35, a four oared race with coxswains, open to the world. First prize £20, second £10 and third £5. Entrance £1. Distance about one mile and a quarter. First heat: Adelaide - J. Taylor, J.H. Sadler, R. Bagnall, Thomas Winship and cox T. Wilson (station 2). Albion - B. Scott, T. Forster, W. Walton, A Deas and cox J. Scott (Station 1). Betting - 10 to 1 on Winship's crew. A capital start was secured, all eight competitors dipping their oars at the same moment. Winship's four in the first few strokes took a slight advantage, but Deas and his colleagues, although they contended against great odds, stuck to their opponents manfully and for the first two hundred yards the new candidates for Canadian honours could only possess themselves of a lead of half a length. The superior pace and condition of Winship's four was, however, manifested, and passing under the Scotswood Suspension Bridge with a lead of half a length they went right away from their opponents, and won easily by quite one hundred yards.

Second Heat: Combination crew G. Wakefield, R. Hepplewhite, T. Purvis, C. Wilson (stroke) against Northern Rowing Club