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13th August 1881
Bell's Life reported: Lawder and Shaw - A new open boat for the use of Lawder of Sunderland for his match on the Wear, on the 27th August, against Shaw, of the same place, was launched on Wednesday afternoon from Mrs. Jewitt's Boatbuilding works, Dunston, and was christened "The Deptford" by Mr. John Cummins of the Newcastle Arms, Deptford. Lawder had a few sharp bursts of speed in her, and the craft appeared to carry him well, while he was much pleased with his new purchase. She is built of cedar and is fitted with a 28 inch slide, swivel rowlocks etc., her dimensions being as under: Length 24 feet, Beam 17 1/2 inches, height amidships 8 inches, height at the stem 8 1/2 inches and at the stern 8 inches.