Stakeford Rowing Club

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Stakeford Rowing Club were based at Stakeford, near Ashington and rowed on the River Wansbeck. Very little is known about the Club, but they competed in the professional coxed fours event at the Durham Regatta 1922, 1923, 1924 and at North Seaton Regatta in 1925. The 1922 Durham Regatta crew is shown as A. Lax; J. Little; R. Rump; G. Turnbull; J. Steel (cox). The prizes for the professional fours were £30 for the winners; £15 for runners-up and each heat winner was awarded £1 for the first race and 50 shillings for each race thereafter.

The Wansbeck Rowing Club competed at the same event so the clubs must have co-existed at the same time on the same river.

Durham Regatta 1922 programmeDurham Regatta Programme 1922