Stockton and Thornaby Rowing Club

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Stockton and Thornaby Rowing Club were a professional rowing club based on the River Tees. They competed in the Professional Fours event at Durham Regatta in 1902 and 1911. The prizes for the professional fours were £30 for the winners; £15 for runners-up and each heat winner was awarded £1 for the first race and 50 shillings for each race thereafter.

A significant entry in the minutes of Tees Rowing Club confirms that there were two rowing clubs on the Tees at Stockton. Two fours are offered for sale to the club by the “Stockton and Thornaby Rowing Club”. The price was £17-10s (£17.50) to include a set of oars. Sadly it would appear that the professional club had to sell up and close in 1915 to “meet their accounts”.