Van Mildert College Boat Club

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Van Mildert Boat Club (VMBC) is a student-run rowing club for members of the Van Mildert College, Durham University, England. It is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate members of the College. Founded in 1965, the club's home water is the River Wear, which is also used by another 11 Durham University Colleges, Durham Amateur Rowing Club and Durham Univeristy Boat Club. All Durham University College Boat Clubs are represented by the umbrella organisation Durham College Rowing (DCR). The colours of the club are yellow and black.

Funding is provided by membership fees from Club Members, Van Mildert JCR, Sponsors and Alumni, allowing VMBC to maintain a healthy fleet of boats - from training boats to racing-level sculling and sweep boats. An Executive Committee is responsible for the running of the club and the members of this committee are elected annually.

In December 2021, the Boathouse was destroyed as a result of an arson attack.
Durham ARC Original Boathouse 1860-1897The original boathouse 1860