Allhusen Rowing Club

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The Hawthorn Rowing Club (originally promoted by Hawthorn, Leslie & Co. Shipbuilders) changed it's name to the Allhusen Rowing Club in 1907 as a result of the Club moving to a new location and boathouse on land provided by Mr. Allhusen of the Newcastle Chemical Works, at Tyne Main, Gateshead. The Club would meet in the Ship Hotel, Gateshead for social activities. For an unknown reason, the Club used this name for only a matter of months, when it then reverted back to the name Hawthorn Rowing Club and continued under that name until it's demise.

The prgramme shown below is probably the only race programme ever issued by the club in its short life under the name of Allhusen, but there are some famous names (Philip Pearson, Ralph Hepplewhite, B. Clasper) in amongst the races, as well as Robert Bagnall as the Starter