Boat Race of the North

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The Boat Race of the North is an annual challenge race between the Universities of Durham and Newcastle, in a similar vein to the Oxbridge Boat Race. It was held 1997-2010 under the name of the Northumbrian Water Boat Race (sponsored by Northumbrian Water) and was revived in 2015. The event is held annually on the River Tyne over an approximately 1500m course between Redheugh Bridge and Millennium Bridge in central Newcastle-upon-Tyne in May.

Races are held in four categories: Novice Women (Taylor Trophy); Novice Men (Renforth Trophy); Senior Women (Chambers Trophy); Senior Men (Clasper Trophy).[59] The university that wins the most races takes the overall prize, with it being retained by the current holder in the case of a draw. Durham held the overall trophy until 2009, since when it has been held by Newcastle.[62][63] The 2015 race ended with two wins each, Durham winning the men's and women's novice races and Newcastle winning both senior races,[64] meaning Newcastle retained the title.[65]

Northern University Boat Race Winners
Year Senior Men Senior Women Freshmen Freshwomen
Clasper Trophy Chambers Trophy Renforth Trophy Taylor Trophy
1997 Durham Durham Durham
1998 Durham Durham Newcastle
1999 Durham Newcastle Durham
2000 Event cancelled
2001 Durham Newcastle Durham
2002 Durham Durham Newcastle Durham (On Wear)
2003 Event cancelled Newcastle (on Wear)
2004 Durham Durham Durham Durham
2005 Newcastle Durham Durham Newcastle
2006 Durham Durham Newcastle Durham
2007 Newcastle Durham Durham Newcastle
2008 Durham Durham Durham Durham
2009 Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Durham
2010 Durham Durham Newcastle Newcastle
2011 No race
2012 No race
2013 No race
2014 No race
2015 Newcastle Newcastle Durham Durham
2016 Newcastle Newcastle Durham Durham
2017 Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Durham
2018 Newcastle Newcastle Rescheduled event on the Wear
2019 Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle
2020 Event cancelled - Covid-19
2021 Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle
2022 Durham Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle