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Corbridge Rowing Club was founded in 1878, a few months prior to the formation of near neighbours Hexham Rowing Club

18th October 1878
Newcastle Courant reported:The Corbridge Rowing club hold their first regatta tomorrow, on which the principal prizes will be a handsome cup, worth twelve guineas, and a gold medal. Regatta is perhaps a somewhat high sounding title for the style of thing the Corbridge Club intend holding, but as they hope that with the development of their finances and aquatic prowess, year by year to improve upon the affair of tomorrow, there is some excuse for their using it. We trust that their most sanguine anticipations of development may be realised. Talking about rowing clubs, how is it that Hexham cannot have one? The matter has been mooted before and it seems that there exists some difficulty about obtaining a landing place, but one would imagine that if a number of young men were seriously to set about it some arrangement could be arrived at.

1st February 1879
The Hexham Courant reported: CORBRIDGE AMATEUR ROWING CLUB - ANNUAL SUPPER. The first annual supper of the Corbridge Amateur Rowing Club was held on Saturday night last, at Mr J. Hall's, Black Ball Inn, Corbridge, when the fare provided was in every respect first-class, and did infinite credit to the cook, Mrs Jos. Hall. Mr John Henderson, in the absence of the president of the club (Dr Taylor), presided. On the removal of the cloth, the Chairman gave "The Queen, and the Prince and Princess of Wales and the rest of the Royal Family", "The Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese", and the "Army, Navy, and Volunteers", the last toast being coupled with the name of Pte. T. Newbegin, 11th N.R.V., who, in responding, thanked them for the manner in which they had drunk his health coupled with the toast. He was a member of the Rowing Club. although not a very prominent one in rowing, as the first time that he got into a boat he was capsized—(laughter)—and he was nearly drowned.—(Renewed laughter). The Chairman gave the health of their worthy Secretary, Mr Fred. Knott. Mr. Knott, in responding, said as long as he was in the Club he hoped and trusted that he might ever try to promote the prosperity of the Club, and he would endeavour as far as possible - indeed it had always been his endeavour, to make the Club, sooner or later, what he would like it to be, the first on the Tyne. (Applause.) He thought they had got on very well for the first year. What club had had a regatta in its first year, and an annual supper in its first year. (Applause.) Before resuming his seat the worthy Secretary proposed the health of their honorary members, and in doing so said he could only regret their absence that evening. He had received a note from H.R. Tally, Esq., of Piper Close House, regretting that he could not be present, but hoped they would have a pleasant evening. Their honorary members were gentlemen of true British stamp, and he begged to propose their health. (Applause.)— Mr Thomas Stokoe gave the toast of the evening, "Success to the Corbridge Rowing Club," and in doing so remarked that boating was oalculated to increase the health of young men, and also to render them morally and physically better. He was sure that the officers had conducted the affairs of the Club to the entire satisfaction of the members daring the first year of its existence, and it was through them they had been so successful. (Applause.)— The other toasts were—" The Neighbouring Rowing Clubs," proposed by Mr Jordan; "The health of the Captain, Mr Jas. Robson," proposed by Mr F. Knott, to which Mr Robson responded; "The winner of the first cup, Mr Jas. Marshall," proposed by Mr Tooby; " The Regatta of 1879," by Mr Jas. Marshall; "The Subscribers towards the Regatta", by Mr A. Michael; "Trade and Commerce", Mr J. Fairless; "The President (Dr Taylor)", Mr Jas. Robson; "The Plantation Walk Defence Committee," Mr F. Knott; "The Press", by Mr Smith, responded to by Mr W.J. Snowdon; and "The Ladies," by Mr Geo. Robson, Jun. The evening was greatly enlivened by several songs sung by the following gentlemen:—Mr F. Knott, "The Flag of Old England ;" Mr J. Tooby (comic), "The nice young man"; Mr Wm. Knott, "Give me a man of honest heart"; Mr A. Michael, "The Mulligan Guards"; and the Chairman, "The Englishman". The pleasant gathering came to a close at the comparatively early hour of ten o'clock, when all separated highly delighted with their first annual reunion.

8th March 1879
The Hexham Courant reported: The annual meeting of the Corbridge Rowing Club was held in the Committee Rooms, Beck Row, Corbridge, on Monday night. In the absence of the President, Dr Taylor, the Captain of the club, Mr Jas. Hobson, took the chair. The Secretary (Mr F. Knott) read the first annual report, which stated that they might fairly congratulate themselves on the success attending their first year's labours. Despite bad times and the continual depression in trade which must necessarily affect every institution of whatever kind it might be, they had been able to steer their their way much more smoothly than could have been anticipated. The establishment of a boating club was a most difficult and tedious task, and entailed a great amount of expenditure of time, trouble, and expense, and not unfrequently obstacles presented themselves and had to be got rid of by some means. However, they were glad to say that the difficulties the Committee had had to contend with were not of a nature which would seriously hamper any committee. The first thing to consider was a course of water to select, and that was very easily got over. They had not a very extensive choice, but a nicer and pleasanter sheet of rowing water could not be wished for than they had, the only drawback being that it was somewhat limited in length. They had next to obtain permission to erect a lauding stage on the field known as "The Green", and through the kindness of Dr Wilson, the lessee, that gentleman gave his sanction, and also became an honorary member: and with respect to the stable which they used as a temporary boat-house, he also unhesitatingly gave his permission. The field (or part at the field) was kindly granted for use by Mr John Hall, Black Bull Inn, Corbridge, and for which they paid a rant of £1 a year. The code of rules that the Committee had drawn up, had (with perhaps the exception of one or two) met with the general approval of the members. The boats had been procured from the establishment of Mr James Hall, Newcastle, and the club possessed now two open boats and a pleasure boat, but the Committee trust that they might be able to augment that number this year. The total income from all sources amounted to £4O 14s 4d, and the expenditure had been slightly beyond that amount. With regard to the subscriptions and entrance fee, as laid down in the rules, the Committee suggest that these fees ought to be reversed namely, instead of 7s 6d entrance fee and 2s 6d subscription, that it should be 2s 6s entrance fee and 7s 6d annual subscription. There was one thing that they wished to call the members special attention to, and that was the extensive breakage of oars. The expenditure on that account alone formed a considerable item in the year's disbursements. They recommended that a greater amount of care ought to be shown in the preservation of this part of the club property. The oars should never be thrown down, and not even scratched if that could possibly be avoided. The code of bye-laws which they would recommend to the fresh Committee, whoever they might be, to draw up, would partly tend to preserve these "weapons of pleasure". Attention had been drawn on several occasions to the absolute carelessness and indifference shown by some of the members in the carrying in of the open boats to the boat-house. Every member on his having had the use of the boats ought to see them properly and carefully stored in the boathouse. Members should also observe the bye-laws which had been drawn up respecting the landing upon Mr Beaumont's land, otherwise it might give offence to that gentleman and cause some little trouble. The regatta was a complete success; the club cup was won by Mr James Marshall, and the gold medal by Mr John Atkin. The members would agree that a boathouse was one of the next essential properties of a club, and that in a convenient place. A boat-house was contemplated to be erected. He trusted that they would secure a boathouse suitable in compactness and general appearance, and one that would not be an eye-sore but an ornament to the place. They would take the opinion of that meeting as to the kind of costume to be worn this year. The Committee recommended that the subscriptions from all members should be 10s, seeing the great need there was for a boat-house near the river. With regard to the field, they were sorry to say that Dr. Wilson's sanction would cease on the first of May on the expiration of his tenancy. Steps, however, were being taken by the Committee to endeavour to secure a lease or tenancy of the field, which would be a material advantage to the club, the result of which application would be reported to them in due time. The report was adopted. and it was also resolved to increase the year's subscription to 10s per member. It was further decided to hold a ball under the auspices of the club, but the date was not fixed, although it is expected to take place on the 21st or 27th of the present month. A vote of thanks was accorded to the Committee for the past year (most of whom were re-elected) and a vote of thanks was also accorded to Mr Nicholson for the loan of the Committee Rooms. It was resolved to build a beat-house as soon as the necessary preliminaries could be arranged. The officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: Chairman of the Committee, Dr Taylor; Captain, Mr Jas. Robson; Secretary, Mr Fred. Knott; Treasurer, Mr Joseph Gardner; Messrs John Atkin, Smith Armstrong. and John Nicholson, forming the others members of the Committee. The thanks of the club are due to the honorary members for the support they have so heartily accorded during the past year, and at the same time the Committee will be very grateful for their further patronage and support. The number of active members comprising the club is 37, which, together with 10 honorary members, make up the number to 47. It is proposed to inaugurate the summer's campaign on the first of April.

19th July 1879
The Hexham Courant reported:CORBRIDGE ROWING CLUB - ANNUAL REGATTA and PIC-NIC on Saturday, 26th July 1879. Rowing commencing at 10 am. Tea at 4 pm. Ball at 7.30 PM. F. KNOTT, Hon. Sec..

13th August 1881
Bell's Life reported:It will be remembered that at the Corbridge Rowing Club Regatta three weeks ago, one of the events was not finished, when darkness put a stop to further progress. The competition was however, brought to an issue upon the Tyne, at Corbridge on Saturday and drew together a numerous company of spectators. Mr. James Robson was the Starter; Mr. R.W. Patterson the Umpire, and Mr. Jos. Gardner the Judge. Results: Open Boat Handicap - First Ties - Heat 1 - J. Snowdon (Hexham RC) scratch - rowed over. Heat 2 - T. Smith (Fourstone Rowing Club) 5 1/2 lengths start, 1. W. Pigg (Corbridge RC) Scratch, 2, - won by two lengths. Heat 3 - Thos. Shield (Fourstone RC), 10, rowed over. Heat 4 - W. Redpath (Fourstone RC) 6 1/2, 1. W. Baty (Hexham RC) 2, 2. - won by a length. Heat 5 - Jno. Robson (Corbridge RC) 6, 1- rowed over. Heat 6 - Jos. Cousins (Fourstone RC) - a bye. Second ties - Heat 1 - Jos. Cousins 1, J. Snowdon 2 - won by two lengths. Heat 2 - T. Smith, 1. T. Shield, 2 - won on a foul. Heat 3 - W. Redpath, 1. Jno. Robson, 2 - won easily. Third ties - Heat 1 - T. Smith, 1. J. Cousins, 2 - won easily. Heat 2 - W. Redpath - a bye. Final heat - W. Redpath, 1. T. Smith, 2. - won by two lengths.

21st November 1898
The Sporting Intelligence published a letter: CORBRIDGE AMATEUR ROWING CLUB - (to the Sporting Editor of the "Newcastle Daily Journal") Sir, - There is no truth in the statement made by Mr. Henderson at the meeting of the Corbridge Parish Council, reported in Friday's issue, that the rowing club was likely to collapse. We are present in a better financial position than have been for the past few years. I am, &c. _ WM. WARD, Hon. Secretary