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Ebchester Rowing Club row on the River Derwent. The club was formed in 1876, when its first boathouse was built on the bank of the River Derwent and continued until 1974 when the club was dissolved due to low membership. Originally, the Club was professional but they changed their status to amateur after making a successful application to join the Northern Amateur Rowing Council at the AGM on 2nd March 1940.

30th August 1888
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle reported:
The members of the Ebchester Rowing Club held their annual open boat handicap over the pretty stretch of water just below the village, the distance being half-a-mile with two turns: Messrs. Charlton, Graham and Millican officiated as starters and judges. Results; Heat 1: O. Bowes, scratch, 1; G. Jewitt. scratch, 2; Won by nearly two lengths. Heat 2 - J.Parker, 25 seconds start, 1: J.Musgrove, 1 min, 2; Won on a foul. Heat 3: J.Potts, 8 secs, 1; W. Forster, 5 sees. 2; Won by half a length. Heat 4: J.Charlton, 2 secs, 1; J. Archer, 10 secs, 2; Won by half a length. First ties—Heat 1—Jos.Charlton. 1; 0.Bowes, 2; Won by a foot. Heat 2—J.Parker, 1; J.Potts, 2; At the second turn Potts ran aground, and was obliged to stop 50 yards from home. Final heat - Parker, 1: Charlton, 2. Won by length and a half. The contest for third prize will be decided on Saturday, September 8th

27th March 1894
The Newcastle Journal reported:
AQUATICS - The annual Easter boat handicap took place yesterday afternoon in the presence of a large number of people on the river Derwent. The course was about half a mile. Final heat; W. Wraith, 1; John Charlton, 2; won by about a length. Referee - Thos.Simpson; Starter - J.Greene; Distance Judge - Geo. Jewitt. The prizes were given by M« J.G. Brown, Tailor, Ebchester.

8th July 1939
The Newcastle Chronicle reported:
The Hon. R. S. Vereker, Hamsterley Colliery, distributed prizes at the annual regatta of Ebchester Amateur Rowing Club, and was thanked by Mr, W. G. Tully, president of the club, who spoke of Mr. Vereker’s generous support. The club had purchased the land surrounding the boathouse at Ebchester.

21st July 1950
The Morpeth Herald reported:
Eighteen-year-old Brian Elliott, North Seaton Rowing Club, has gained the distinction of winning the James Beverage Memorial Bowl at the annual regatta held by Ebchester Rowing Club. Another North Seaton entrant, J. T. Alexander, was knocked out the second round.