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There are references to competitors from Fourstone Rowing Club in a Bell's Life report on Corbridge Regatta in 1881. Given the river South Tyne is not suitable for rowing at Fourstones, near Hexham, due to shallows. It is assumed they would have rowed from Hexham.

13th August 1881
Bell's Life reported: It will be remembered that at the Corbridge Rowing Club Regatta three weeks ago, one of the events was not finished, when darkness put a stop to further progress. The competition was however, brought to an issue upon the Tyne, at Corbridge on Saturday and drew together a numerous company of spectators. Mr. James Robson was the Starter; Mr. R.W. Patterson the Umpire, and Mr. Jos. Gardner the Judge. Results: Open Boat Handicap - First Ties - Heat 1 - J. Snowdon (Hexham RC) scratch - rowed over. Heat 2 - T. Smith (Fourstone Rowing Club) 5 1/2 lengths start, 1. W. Pigg (Corbridge RC) Scratch, 2, - won by two lengths. Heat 3 - Thos. Shield (Fourstone RC), 10, rowed over. Heat 4 - W. Redpath (Fourstone RC) 6 1/2, 1. W. Baty (Hexham RC) 2, 2. - won by a length. Heat 5 - Jno. Robson (Corbridge RC) 6, 1- rowed over. Heat 6 - Jos. Cousins (Fourstone RC) - a bye. Second ties - Heat 1 - Jos. Cousins 1, J. Snowdon 2 - won by two lengths. Heat 2 - T. Smith, 1. T. Shield, 2 - won on a foul. Heat 3 - W. Redpath, 1. Jno. Robson, 2 - won easily. Third ties - Heat 1 - T. Smith, 1. J. Cousins, 2 - won easily. Heat 2 - W. Redpath - a bye. Final heat - W. Redpath, 1. T. Smith, 2. - won by two lengths.