Grey College Boat Club

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Grey College Boat Club (GCBC) is the rowing club of Grey College at Durham University in northern England.

The club has over 60 members and shares its boathouse with Josephine Butler College Boat Club. The club competes at a regional and college level.

Boathouse and Fleet - Grey College Boat House is located at Dunelm House on the River Wear between Kingsgate Bridge and Elvet Bridge and is a ten-minute walk from Grey College. Grey College Boat Club own three VIIIs, 'Eric Halladay', 'Brian Seal', and 'Tom James'. The club also own a number of IVs, and other smaller boats including a double scull named 'Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate' after the street in York. The Men's 1st IV row 'The Earl', in honour of Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey after whom Grey college is named. The Women's 1st IV row 'Victor'. Another IV owned by the boat club is 'The Golden Phoenix', the unofficial symbol of the college adopted after a fire devastated the main accommodation block in March, 1959.