Hall and Hutchinson Boatbuilders

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Hall and Hutchinson Boatbuilders existed at Low Elswick, just west of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

27th April 1868
Tynemouth Rowing Club - At the opening of the season, several splendid boats have been added to the stock, and not the least important addition will be a couple of beautiful short covered skiffs, outrigged, just completed by Messrs Hall and Hutchinson, of Low Elswick Boat-house. The boats are constructed on the latest improvements both for safety and speed, while the timber used —yellow pine—and the more than ordinarily careful manner in which they have been built and superintended, is the best proof that the members of the Tynemouth A. R. C. will be suited, so far as boats are concerned, to the most agreeable extent. The dimensions of the boats, which will most likely be launched to-day, are—2o feet long, 13 inches high at the stem, ll£ inches at the stern, and 9* inches amidships, 21 inches inboard, with outriggers 4 feet 2 inches. The oars are 10 feet 2 inches in length, with feet 8 inches in-board. The workmanship is a credit to those noted builders, and that the boats will answer does not admit of a doubt.