Hylton Long Distance Sculls

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14th October 1978

The first sculling head of the 1978 season attracted a total of 16 entries, all from Division 1 with the exception of Mike Smyth of Trafford RC - a former South Hylton member. Conditions at the boathouse area were quite cool with a chilly wind but once competitors got round the corner and well up towards the starting area, several competitors wished they hadn’t put on so many vests! Fraser Thompson of Berwick continued where he held left off last year winning convincingly from Ian Boyd of Tyne who was in second place. Arthur Wood of Cambois giving the Club’s carbocraft sculling boat its first outing won the Senior A Pennant and had a much happier day than his experience at the 1977 event! Geoff Appleby of Tyne was a clear winner of the Veteran Pennant while Garth Rookes of Tees RC had over 12 seconds in hand over clubmate, Colin Feltoe to take the Senior C Pennant. The Novice Pennant was won by Graeme Wheeler of Tyne.

Fine Boat Division

1. F. Thompson Berwick ARC SB 18-7.6 Head P
2. I.Boyd Tyne ARC E 18-48.0
3. A.A. Wood Cambois SB 18-58.1 SAP
4. G. Appleby Tyne ARC SC(V) 19-02.00 VP
5. D. Ferguson Tyne ARC SC 19-06.9
6. R. I. Yarrow Cambois ARC SB 19-29.1
7. J.C.Kenyon Tees RC SA(V) 19-42.1
8. J. Spain Durham Sch BC N 20-03.9
9. P.Robinson Tyne ARC N(V) 20-10.1
10. R.M. Smyth Trafford RC N(V) 20-29.0

Restricted Division

1. G. Rookes Tees RC SC 20-12.8 SCP
2. C.Feltoe Tees RC SC 20-25.1
3. G. Wheeler Tyne ARC N 21-7.7 NP
4. R.White Tyne ARC N 21-27.02
5. G. Jones South Hylton ARC N 22-34.02
6. J. Spence South Hylton ARC N 25-35.6