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Newcastle University Boat Club was formed in 1911 and was originally known as the Armstrong College Boat Club, then later the Kings College Boat Club and was part of Durham University.

The first Newcastle University rower to make the GB Olympic squad was Simon Hobbs (as King's College, now Newcastle University) who was spare man in 1952 for the olympics in Helsinki.

It was in 1963 that Kings College separated from Durham University and the rowing club became Newcastle University Boat Club.

2nd July 1925
The Shields Daily News reported: TYNE CAPSIZED BOAT COMEDY. A young lady whose first thought when plunged into the River Tyne was for the safety of her wrist watch, played the principal part in an exciting incident at Newcastle yesterday. The young lady, a student at Armstrong College, was rowing a small skiff on the River Tyne when it suddenly capsized, and the amateur oarswoman found herself immersed in the murky water.

Not for a moment did she lose her sangfroid, however, and holding on to her frail craft with one hand, she held the other aloft in the air. A River Policeman, at once going to her rescue, told her to hold on till he got another boat, which he promptly did, and hauled the dripping damsel on board.

"Are you alright?" was his first query. Oh yes, smiled the young lady "I'm a strong swimmer and could have reached the quay quite easily, but I didn't want to damage my wristlet watch. By the time the Officer had recovered his composure, dry land had been reached and the lady quickly vanished in search of dry attire, none the worse, apparently for her unpremeditated bath! "

22nd November 1929
The Consett Guardian reported: The new boathouse which is bring erected For Armstrong College Boat Club at Stella Haugh, on the site of the old racecourse is rapidly nearing completion. It is built of brick and is well equipped in every respect. A landing stage has been constructed at the river's edge.