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5th September 1887
The Shields Daily News reported: THE TYNE INTER-CLUB RACES AT SOUTH SHIELDS. Saturday afternoon four crews, representing Tynemouth, Ryton, South Shields, Sir W. G. Armstrong Amateur Rowing Club, took part, in the Tyne inter-club races, decided over the half-mile course on the north side of the South Shields Pier. The weather was fine, though dull. The sea being quite calm, made the course everything that could be desired for rowing. A large company of spectators assembled on the pier to witness the various heats. Mr R. Purvis, jun., officiated as judge. Charles Rennoldson starter and the umpires Messrs. N.S. Green and G.S. Purvis. Details:— HEAT. South Shields ARC: J.T. Atkin, J. Davidson, H.G. Scott, Fred Rennoldson (stroke), J. Bedlington (cox.) 1 Ryton ARC: R.R. Pirrie, W, Alderson, T.W. Bourne (stroke), J. Dalton (cox) 2 The boats were despatched to a good start. the South Shields men on the outside holding a slight lead until half the distance had been reached, when the boats came close to each other than foul seemed unavoidable. However, they righted themselves without coming into contact. The South Shields crew ultimately won a slow race by two lengths. SECOND HEAT. Sir W. G. Armstrong ARC: J. S. Patterson, J. H. Hutchison, G.E. Robson. A.H. Jopling (stroke) I Tynemouth RC: P. Burn, T.B. Forster, J.H. Barn, W.E. Lamb (stroke) Nothing interesting in this race occurred until three-parts of the distance had been traversed, when the Armstrong crew spurted to the front, and gradually increased their lead, won somewhat easily by a length and a quarter. FINAL HEAT. South Shields ARC 1. Sir W. G. Armstrong ARC. 2. South Shields, on the inside, kept close to the side of the pier, thereby giving their opponents a wide berth. A close race ensued till 50 yards from home, when the South Shields men got ahead, and won easily by a length.

18th April 1894
The Newcastle Daily Chronicle reported:
Ryton Rowing Club - A new coaching tub of the following dimensions was launched at Ryton:—Length 22 feet; beam, 3 feet 4 Inches; height at bow 18 inches; at stern 17 Inches ; depth amidships 15 inches. The boat has been built to the order of the club by Mr. John Pennington, of Durham, and gives every satisfaction.

24th August 1899
Ryton ARC competed for the Talkin Tarn plate at Talkin Tarn Regatta. Crew O.Richardson, G.East, R.Bryant, E.Nesbit coxed by K.Lish