Tyne (Joint) Regatta

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Tyne Regatta is one of the oldest regattas in the north. The name Tyne Joint Regatta was introduced when the Tyne Rowing Weekend was founded and the Saturday was the Tyne-at-Home Regatta run by Tyne ARC, followed by the Tyne Joint Regatta on the Sunday run under the auspices of Tyne ARC, Tynemouth RC, Tyne United RC, Newcastle University BC, South Shields ARC and Hexham RC.

The Tyne Rowing Weekend no longer exists; the Tyne-at-Home Regatta is still offered annually to competitors but the Tyne Joint Regatta was not considered to be an ongoing viable event and ceased in the late 1990s.

14th July 1934
The Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette reported: - The attendance at the Tyne Regatta held under the joint auspices of the Tyne, Tynemouth, South Shields, and Armstrong College rowing clubs at Stella this afternoon was seriously affected by the unfavourable weather conditions. Results:— Palmer Grand Challenge Cup.—Heat 1: 1 Tyne (A): 2, Durham City (B); 3, Tyne (B) Won by quarter of a length. Ladies' Plate.—Heat 1: Talkin Tarn, bye. Heat 2: Tyne beat Tees (A) half a length. Heat 3: Tees (B> beat Tynemouth by a length. Heat 4: St. Peter's School (York) beat South Shields by three-quarters of a length.