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Tynemouth Regatta is promoted by Tynemouth Rowing Club. Established in 1867, it has been held at many locations, but predominantly at Priors Haven in Tynemouth, alongside the North Pier. Other locations have included Killingworth Lake over a 480 metre course and at Newburn, utilising the premises of both Newcastle University Boat Club and Tyne Rowing Club depending on which side of the river the regatta was run from.

8th August 1868
Bell's Life reported: The annual competition among members of this Club came off on Saturday at the Priors Haven, Tynemouth. The Club is one of comparatively recent origin, but through the zeal and activity of its members it has made considerable progress, and is now on a footing with the leading amateur rowing Clubs in the north. The programme consisted of five events, the first of which was a four-oared race for gold medals (presented by Mr. H. Taylor), silver-mounted horns being offered as a second prize, and in the first heat Messrs B. Avery, J. Howron, J.W.F. Grant, J.F.F. Common and J. Eltringham as cox won on a foul with Messrs A. Adams, J.F. Spencer Jnr., H. Raynor, C. Bushell and W. Blackwood (cox); Mr H. Berkeley, G.J.H. Hogg, W. Crichton, S. Kewney and R. Wallace (cox) also rowed, but were never in the race. In the second heat, W. Fawcus, S.A. Morrison, J. Morrison, J.L. Browne and J. White (cox), beat Messrs J. Pickering, R. Park, T. Anderson, T. Charlton and W.T. Richmond (cox) by two lengths; Messrs R.H. Harrison, R.C. Derry, W.C. Cottton, G.A. Laws and G.A. Dodds (cox) finishing third, nearly six lengths behind. The final heat lay between Browne's and Common's crews and the former coming away at 300 yards won easily by four lengths. The second competition was a four-oared ships gig race between Tynemouth boatmen for a sum of money, and resulted after two heats in Moore's crew beating Ferguson's crew by three lengths. A cutter skiff race for a silver cup valued £8, presented by Mr. Rennison of North Shields, brought W. Fawcus one length start and S. Kewney scratch to the post for the final heat and teh latter breaking his oar after the first few strokes left Fawcus to walk over. A Pair-oared race for juniors resulted in E. Bushell, J. Eltringham, J. White (cox) beating A. Dodds, W. Fawcus, W. Blackwood (cox) by two lengths; and a four-oared race between the married and single gentlemen of the Club won by the former (G.A. Laws, J.L. Browne, J.F.F. Common, T. Charlton and S. Milburn (cox) concluded the day's racing.

13th August 1881
Bell's Life reported: The annual regatta held at Priors Haven at the side of the pier was held and the weather was highly favourable. There was a large attendance at the outset but as the proceedings went on there was a sudden change in the atmospheric influences and the rain came down so heavily that the place seemed almost deserted. There was a marked improvement in the quality of the prizes this year and from the excellence of the racing, it is evident that the younger members have not lost their enthusiasm for rowing, but on the contrary, it is on the increase. The water was in good condition and the form exhibited was rather more promising than we have been accustomed in recent years. Mr. J. Pye was Starter, Mr. W. Chapman was Umpire and Mr. G. Renwick was the distance Judge.

CUTTER SKIFF HANDICAP; distance half-a-mile. C.S. Forster 18 sec. start, 1; F.E. Forster, 2. The latter gradually closed up the gap, but after half the distance his steerage became defective and C. S. Forster won by a length and a half.

HANDICAP PAIRS - distance half a mile.F.W. Lamb and F.E. Forster scratch, 1. J. Douglass & W. Osten 9 secs, 2. The latter's time allowance gave them a lead of four lengths but Lamb and Forster rowing a good style, slowly but surely closed with them and at the half distance the scratch men were only a half length behind. A fine struggle home ensued but Lamb and Forster got the advantage in te last few strokes and won by a quarter of a length.

The CARNEGIE CHALLENGE CUP value £21, with presentation prizes. Distance 3/4 mile. W.E.Lamb, 1. J.K. Walker, 2. The men got well away together and for about 300 yards they could not be separated but Lamb then spurted to the front and at half distance was a length to the good. Walker worked hard to avert defeat but it was of no avail and Lamb won by a length and a quarter.

BOROUGH MEMBERS PLATE for Foy Fours - distance half a mile. Heat 1 C.S. Forster, J. Douglas, J.S. Dodd and F.E. Forster at stroke, 1. R. Burn, W.J. Frazer, W. Hutchinson, W. Balls (Stroke), 2. They were despatched on equitable terms but Forster and his mates at once took the lead and inch by inch adding to their advantage,won by a length. Heat 2. F.W.Lamb, A. Constable, G.D. Fawcus, J. Daglish (Stroke) rowed over. Heat 3. T. Young, W. Dodd, J. McConnell, J.F. Tippett (Stroke), 1. G.G. Taylor, J.C. Watkin, W. Osten, W.E. Lamb (Stroke), 2. This was a grand struggle for half the distance when Tippett's crew drew out half a length, but Lamb and his colleagues hunted them up all the way and at the finish it was almost impossible to tell who had won. The Judge however, decided in favour of Tippett's crew by three feet. First ties: Daglish's crew 1, Forster's crew 2. The latter made a stubborn fight of it for a 1/4 mile but then they became a little unsteady and Daglish's crew shaking them off won by a length. Heat Two - Tippett's crew a bye. Final heat - Tippetts crew 1, Daglish's crew 2. Having a little the best of the rowing, Daglish's four on the inside quickly showed with a 1/4 length advantage and as Bow of Tippett's boat missed the water soon after, Daglish's crew assumed a length and a quarter lead. Tippett soon got his men in hand again and rowing stronger at the finish, won by a 1/4 length.

THE VISITORS PLATE - a scratch foy-four race having ended in a dead heat in the final between Cummings crew and Walker's crew, the decider was adjourned to a future day. The prizes were awarded to the successful competitors in the boathouse.